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jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Canadian Equestrian Honors New England Excellence Equestrian News Release

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Canadian Equestrian Honors New England Excellence
Olympian Brings Therapeutic Benefits of Draper Equine Therapy Across Borders

Canton, MA Draper Knitting Company, established in 1856, has a lot to brag about as it is one of the oldest, continuously operating textile mills in the United States. In 2003 the family-run business formed Draper Equine Therapy, a complete line of products for horse and rider. Now, in 2008, the Massachusetts manufacturer can boast of their inter-state, international presence because Draper Equine Therapy has been given the nod of confidence by an equestrian member of the five-part Canadian Eventing Team headed for the Olympics this August.

Together with Colombo, a 1994 bay Swedish Warmblood owned by Elaine and Michael Davies, 27-year-old equestrian Selena O’Hanlon will employ the therapeutic value of the USA-made Draper Equine Therapy Saddle Pad in Beijing, China.

O’Hanlon, based out of Ontario, Canada, first used the Draper Equine Saddle Pad on Colombo at Rolex Kentucky Four Star, an Olympic qualifying event held in March, 2008 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Colombo has worn his saddle pad everyday since competing at Rolex. He wears nothing else. O’Hanlon says.

The Saddle Pad is made with smart fiber clinically proven to increase oxygenation by up to 29 yielding therapeutic benefits including increased circulation, accelerated muscle recovery after exertion and decreased pain, soreness, stiffness and swelling. This textile technology was originally used to treat circulatory issues with diabetics and then was adapted for horses and dogs in 2003.

Kristin Draper, President of Draper Knitting, says We are incredibly proud of Selena for accomplishing her life-long dream, and wish her the best of luck.

The therapeutic textile technology and craftsmanship incorporated into the Draper Equine Therapy English Saddle Pad will support Selena as she globalizes this exciting feat in the pandemic world of sports and New England industry.

Find more information about Draper Equine Therapy at http://www.draperequinetherapy.com.

Find more information about Selena O’Hanlon and Columbo at the official website of Canada’s 2008 Equestrian Olympic team, http://www.equinecanada.ca.

Find information about the international governing body for all Olympic equestrian disciplines, Fédération Equestre International, at http://www.fei.org.
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