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viernes, 25 de julio de 2008

Ont. backs horse centre project

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Ont. backs horse centre project

FBC staff
7/25/2008 4:02:00 PM

Ontario's provincial government will put up $500,000 for a new equine and agricultural centre in the southwestern municipality of Central Huron.

The funding, announced Wednesday, goes to what will be called the Regional Equine and Agricultural Centre of Huron. The facility, to be built in an existing school building, will be used for education and recreation, offering innovative programs developed with industry partners.

"Through this project, we will have the resources to heighten interest in local agricultural and equine businesses," Bert Dykstra, the municipality's reeve, said in a provincial release. "Horse owners, enthusiasts and urban visitors will have a place to attend trade shows, fairs and sales within our community."

"This project will provide opportunities for young people to attain skills and access to higher education, apprenticeship training and better paying jobs," said local MPP Carol Mitchell in the same release.

"Flexible educational programs will also provide farmers with needed skill sets to run existing family farm operations and will help them stay on top of emerging trends."

The province's funding will come from its rural economic development program, which it said has backed 167 projects since 2003.

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