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Poll: Americans Support of Online Gambling

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Poll: Americans Support of Online Gambling97% of respondents to USA Today poll say yes in answer to the question: "Is it time to legalize online gambling?"

By Nadav S | Jul 29, 2008
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A poll conducted on the website of major American newspaper USA Today has found resounding support for the legalization of online gambling, with 97% of almost 2500 respondents answering yes to the question, "Is it time to legalize online gambling?"

The poll was published on the newspaper's "Game on!" blog, a blog dedicated to "Bringin' the buzz on sports". It accompanied an article on the latest efforts by pro-online gambling lawmakers to roll back the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which effectively banned Internet gambling by outlawing the transfer of funds from a financial institution to Internet gambling sites (with the exception of certain things such as online lotteries and horse racing).

In the latest efforts, Washington Democrat Jim A. McDermott introduced legislation to US Congress last week that would legalize, regulate and tax online gambling. Based on research by Price Waterhouse Coopers, McDermott believes as much as $40 billion could be generated over the next 10 years.

McDermott's rationale is that online gambling can also be of benefit to the country by bringing in such tax revenue.

"We have gambling on horses. All of a sudden we say you can't gamble online. What's that about? If we can take revenue from horse racing we certainly can take revenue from online," he said.
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