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jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

World Championship Paint Horse Show makes another successful two-week run Equestrian News Release

Equestrianmag.com - Miami,FL,USA

FORT WORTH, Texas— The American Paint Horse Association’s (APHA) annual two-week World Championship Paint Horse Show run made its stop at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, June 21 through July 5. Dubbed as “the largest Paint Horse show on earth,” the event lived up to its name as it saw 1,289 Paint Horses and 4,021 entries from across the world compete in a record 187 events—164 of which were World Championship classes.

While people from the state of Texas brought the highest number of Paints to the event, others traveled nearly 9,500 miles to attend. Paint Horses and exhibitors from 45 states, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands made the trek in hopes of returning home as a World Champion.

The addition of a second new world-class APHA event shifted some classes traditionally offered at the World Championship Show. APHA will be hosting its first annual Fall Championship Paint Horse Show Nov. 6-15 at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Center. With this new competition, all classes specifically for Paint Horses under three years of age were moved to the fall. Moving some events to the Fall Show allowed APHA to add additional classes to the summer line-up. As a result, for the first time ever, APHA offered Novice Youth classes at the event and saw 226 entries in those classes alone.

Along with the Novice Youth entries, the non-qualifying show welcomed 1,178 Youth; 1,377 Amateur and Novice Amateur; 1,063 Open; 152 Futurity and 25 specialty class entries—all competing for more than $400,000 in cash and prizes.

Making it all possible

APHA knows hosting the world’s largest Paint Horse show would not be possible without the generous support, on all levels, from their various sponsors. Event sponsors—Big D Products, Blue Ribbon Custom Tack, Charlotte’s Saddlery, Coors Distributing Company of Fort Worth, Equine Sports Medicine, Hodges Badge Compnay, KC Montgomery Photographics, Kiser Products, Lucchese, Metro Golf Cars, National Reining Horse Association, National Snaffle Bit Association, Paint Horse Journal, Paint Racing, Platinum Performance, Purina Mills, SmartPak, S.R. Gold, Video Horse World and Western Horseman—along with Corporate Sponsors— Barnmaster, Chase Bank, Hart Trailers, Gist Silversmiths, Markel Insurance Company, New Holland and Pfizer Animal Health—provided prize money, buckles, saddles, trailers and various other awards, along with daily entertainment, a training seminar, live video feed and equine nutrition information as part of the show.
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