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Este año ¿lo lograremos?
Mario López Oliva

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Curragh Kildare - Ireland East

A division of Horse Racing Ireland, Irish Thoroughbred Marketing (ITM) is a non-profit company motivated by a genuine love of horses and a desire to maintain Ireland’s position in the upper echelons of the horse racing world. Funded by the Irish Government through Horse Racing Ireland and by the Irish Bloodstock Industry, you can always be assured of their integrity and impartial and unbiased advice and support when looking to buy a horse or pony. The Marketing Team is made up of a dedicated group of individuals with a common goal, reflected in their Mission Statement: “Irish Thoroughbred Marketing promotes Ireland as the leading source for the production and sale of quality thoroughbreds worldwide, and as a premier country in which to own, breed and buy thoroughbreds.” The Team travels worldwide to attend major bloodstock sales, race meetings and training centres in addition to having a busy schedule of international race sponsorships and events. To find out when they are next in your region, please don’t hesitate to contact them. They are also happy to provide impartial advice on all aspects of Irish bloodstock.

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Racehorses get jet lag when traveling?

Racehorses get jet lag when traveling? por CNN_International Horses are flown around the world to compete and that raises a few intriguing questions. Andrew Stevens reports.
Racehorses get jet lag when traveling? por CNN_International