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lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013


Jorge Murga, DVM
California: jorgeaugusto.murga@gmail.com
In the first week of October 2013, Reuben Anguiano DVM Msc., speaker of the delegation of Mexico to WEVA- Budapest, Hungary 2013,  presented  the bid for Guadalajara, Mexico, to  Dr. David R. Hodgdson, PhD, President of WEVA and the Board of Directors to appoint Guadalajara as host city of WEVA 2015 Congress, on behalf of Ramiro Calderon  DVM,  president of the Mexican Association of Equine Practitioners( AMMVEE-Mexico).
WEVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS APPOINTED GUADALAJARA AS HOST CITY OF WEVA-2015 CONGRESS.                                                                                          By unanimous decision of WEVA'S President, Dr. David Hodgson, PhD, and the Board of Directors, Guadalajara was  formally appointed host city to WEVA 2015 Congress and dully  informed Ramiro Calderon DVM, President of AMMVEE- Mexico and the members of the delegation of Mexico at the WEVA- Budapest 2013 Congress.
THE PIONEERS OF  THE ROADS  TO WEVA GUADALAJARA 2015 CONGRESS. The   WEVA Guadalajara 2015 congress  bid initiative  in 2009 by Mario Lopez-Oliva,DVM  of Argentina  to Jorge Murga , DVM of California. The strategic interaction of Dr. Murga for request of  advise and expertise from  Gary Norwood, DVM  of Texas, during  2010 and subsequently a one on one meeting of Dr. Reuben Anguiano from Guadalajara, Mexico and Gary Norwood DVM of Texas since  the AAEP annual  Baltimore 2010.
NEW ALLIEDS OF THE GUADALAJARA WEVA 2015 Congress bid.                                                 Dr. Reuben Anguiano worked during three-years since 2010   with Dr. Gary Norwood DVM,   past -president of WEVA, AAEP and TEVA, as well as  AMMVEE-Mexico's  presidents Antonio  Esquivel and Ramiro Calderon, Guadalajara's city hall officials and State of Jalisco, Mexico tourist department, regarding support to the bid of Guadalajara at WEVA Budapest  2013 congress.
DR. DAVID R. HODGSON PRESIDENT OF WEVA AT AMMVEE'S MEXICO 2013 ANNUAL MEETING AND FIRS VISIT TO GUADALAJARA ON 2013.                      Dr. David R. Hodgson will visit Queretaro and Guadalajara, Mexico on October 2013 as guest of honor of AMMVEE- MEXICO and AMMVEE-STATE of JALISCO, MEXICO.
WEVA GUADALAJARA 2015 CONGRESS IS A VICTORY SHARED BY ALL IN MEXICO AND THE WORLD. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico is one of the 10 most visited cities in the world and has all the logistics to host WEVA-2015 Congress, Dr. Reuben Anguiano commented that "he is open to all domestic and international allieds willing to make the most of the WEVA-Guadalajara 2015 Congress" .    
DR. GARY NORWOOD, DVM CONGRATULATES AMMVEE- MEXICO,  WEVA'S PRESIDENT DAVID HODGSON AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS.                 Dr. Gary Norwood message to AMMVEE- Mexico and WEVA'S Directors:  "Congratulations for a job well done ", AMMVEE- Mexico reciprocates with a thank you message  to him ,  WEVA's President Dr. David R. Hodgson   , Board of Directors and all organizations and individuals affiliated to WEVA.

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