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  • Submitted by: Sarah Newton Consultancy
  • Monday, 14 July 2008

Sarah Newton, best selling author of “Help! My Teenager is an Alien” and TV Star of “My Teen’s a nightmare – I’m Moving Out” has teamed up with David Harris, veteran horseman and NLP Master practitioner to deliver a one-of-a-kind conflict resolution programme for families, involving horses.

“This programme is set to transform the way we deal with family conflict.” says Sarah. “We are taking tried and testing equine leadership development tools into the family home and the results will be quicker, more effective and longer lasting than traditional resolution solutions, which is great news for families.”

Equine Guided Leadership Development (yes it does have a posh name) is a powerful experiential approach for developing personal skills in action by working in partnership with horses. Parents and their children participating in this course will experience how their non- verbal communication is having an impact on the family as well as learning powerful self-leadership tools so they can move forward and transform conflict within their homes.

David Harris who has been leading similar programmes with large corporations for six years says “We are very excited to be working with Sarah on this innovative project. For years people have been asking us to work with young people and this is a great opportunity”. When asked, “Why horses?” David replies, “Horses are extremely canny herd animals that only respond well to good, congruent leadership and instinctively challenge weak leaders. They don't have a personal agenda. They just respond to who and how you are at any moment.”

Bringing equine personal development into the parent and child arena is an innovative step forward. Most programmes dealing with the parent child relationship teach parents what to say and how to say it but what they don’t teach is the non-verbal element of communicating and that accounts for 93% of the communication process. “This is what makes horses pertinent, as 100% of their communication is non-verbal and they don’t understand words, so you can’t smooth-talk them, play politics with them or hoodwink them. They are big and powerful and can’t be intimidated….a bit like teenagers then really!” adds David

Sarah says, “This programme will produce parents who feel more confident and in control and are able to stay calm, and take a persistent and consistent approach with children. If they bring their children with them the connection and understanding they will gain will be phenomenal.”
This 3-month programme, which is held in Maidenhead, Berkshire is taking bookings now and begins on 13th September with only 6 places available it is expected to be a sell out.
Sarah will be interviewing David on her Radio Show, “Help! My Teenager is an Alien” on 16th July at 7.30 pm . You can listen to this live or listen to the recording here http://www.sarahnewton.com/sarahs_radio_show.phtml. Both Sarah and David are happy to talk about this exciting programme and you are welcome to visit the equine centre by prior arrangement.

For more information please visit http://www.sarahnewton.com/php/form.php?id=161. To receive a copy of the Radio Interview between Sarah and David e-mail sarah@sarahnewton.com with Equine Radio Interview in the subject line.
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